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Inka Land Podcast inspires you to create your best life with healthier lifestyle choices that nourish your body and mind.

If you've ever witnessed someone's self-transformation and thought

"How did they do THAT?"

...I've totally done the same.

That's why every week, I bring you an expert guest sharing new health science and personal stories on overcoming obstacles.

You'll learn about the science, philosophy, and art of becoming the best authentic version of yourself.

After the first launch in 2023, the Inka Land podcast quickly ranked top in Estonia and Finland's iTunes’ Self Help & Mental Health categories.

The podcast is now moving to a new YouTube channel and re-launches in 2024.

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Featured guests

To suggest a guest or a topic, please email [email protected]

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Anti-aging miracle molecule and the truth about NMN supplements

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Natural ways to stop anxiety

Dr. Andrew Hill

How to optimize your brain with neurofeedback

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How to build muscle and stay fit (female edition)

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