Inka fixed my anxiety issues and fatigue that many doctors before could not address.

- Mia, 34, working mother of 2


Inka helped me self-regulate my impulsivity and emotionality, and improve my brain. As a CEO, these skills have improved my productivity and leadership.

 - Evan, 45, CEO, US


I worked with Inka after my hemorrhagic stroke, which led to hemispatial visual neglect, fatigue, and coordination problems. She rehabilitated me and helped me to improve my mental health after the incident.

 - Anonymous

Hi, I'm Inka Land

I hold a Master's in Neuropsychology and am finishing my Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition and Disease. I'm certified in nutrigenetics, nutrigenomic, and functional testing, which allows me to analyze various biomarkers for optimal health. I also have certifications in a range of psychological therapies.

I provide compassionate, results-driven mind and brain mentoring, helping you with

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Fear, stress, and panic
  • Mood swings and fatigue
  • Brain recovery after an injury
  • Focus problems
  • Cognitive issues
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation
  • Neuropsychological symptom management
  • Addiction


I can also help you to

  • Improve focus and productivity
  • Lower neuroinflammation
  • Optimize your nutrition for brain health
  • Optimize your exercise routines for brain health
  • Optimize your environment for brain health
  • Learn strategies to analyze and measure mind, brain, and health
  • Use supplements to support mental health
  • enhance your brain with technology and lifestyle
  • Use CBT and ACT tools for overcoming automatic negative thoughts, fear, anxiety, impulsivity, addictions, and negative emotions
  • Understand your brain and mind better

This Mentoring is For You if...

You want to work with a professional coach who understands root cause healing, neuroscience, and nutrition, and the principles of functional medicine and biohacking.

You have some of the following symptoms outlined above or you want to enhance and improve your brain's abilities and mental health in general.

You want to understand your brain, neurotransmitters, neuroplasticity, and brain longevity. You want to use the neuropsychology principles to improve your life and find optimal health.

you want to know how to measure and monitor your health for effective daily strategies.

This Mentoring is Not For You if...

 You're not interested in improving your mental health or brain longevity with nutrition, neuropsychology, lifestyle, and therapeutic tools, or you don't want to commit to weekly meetings.


Includes two 45-minute sessions during one month

Before meeting 1:

You fill out a personal information and assessment form and send me the relevant health data (if you have them)


Meeting 1:

Come to the online meeting, where we will start assessing your situation and gradually forming your personalized plan to improve your brain and mental well-being. We do comprehensive interview and relevant tests. I  might recommend labs.

Meeting 2: 

We continue defining and perfecting your plan. This plan may include nutritional, exercise, meditation, and psychological/cognitive strategies. I may also recommend other forms of treatment, like neurofeedback or health technology. It depends on your unique situation and the problems you want to fix.


Future meetings:

We can continue sessions if you want more of a therapeutic and mentoring approach. Alternatively, we can return to update the situation and plan every 3-4 months if you wish.



You'll also get a summary of action points from the sessions.

Lab tests recommendations and prescription: As a certified practitioner, I can prescribe and order you a wide range of biological tests if needed. These include hormonal tests, gut analysis, mycoTOX, organic acids, DUTCH test, GIMAP, food intolerance tests, and more.


Email & WhatsApp support: You can email or WhatsApp me with questions and concerns. I respond within 24 hours.

Product recommendations and access to discounts: 
I'll recommend relevant, safe, high-quality, clinically proven supplements and health technology when relevant. Sometimes, I can provide a discount code through affiliation.


Digital editable health and emotion journals/trackers: I've made these for you so you can easily follow your progress and use these as a tool for improvement. 


(2 x 45 min)

 Before booking, I'd like to briefly meet with you to assess if my mentoring suits your situation. Please note, I can't prescribe or recommend medications, including SSRI, SRNI, beta-blockers, or any other prescription medication.

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