I help you to improve your mental and brain health.

Do you want to..?

  • feel happier
  • lower depression
  • have a better focus and concentration
  • manage stress
  • manage anxiety
  • sleep better
  • work on your brain health after an injury, concussion, or trauma
  • find natural tools for migraines
  • prevent dementia with lifestyle
  • develop a brain-healthy diet
  • a holistic roadmap that's personally designed for you
  • an experienced mentor with clinical and private coaching experience and plenty of successful client stories
  • an approach that focuses on science-based natural tools and lifestyle rather than medicine?

I can help you.

Read about my approach

Client experience 


Inka fixed my anxiety issues that many doctors before could not address. 

She evaluated my diet, lifestyle, and lab tests and identified root causes that were causing nervous system imbalances.

Her plan covered diet, supplements, and stress management. 

I started seeing improvements already within the first weeks of Inka's program. After six weeks, my anxiety had entirely disappeared. And the best thing is, I now know how to keep it that way.

- Joy, 35, Croatia

Client experience


I took Inka's coaching to improve my sleep, and it worked.

We made a plan, and my sleep improved in a week. I also feel less stressed and have more energy, which is a great bonus.

I will take Inka's coaching again as she has a strong expertise in health, and she is easy to talk to.

 - Emma, 31, Finland

How it works?

Getting to know you

You fill pre-information form and send me your past test results (e.g., labs) when available.


We meet for 60 minutes (Zoom or WhatsApp video). Based on the information, I'll give you personal advice and action plan to achieve your goals.


Upon request, we do a follow-up, evaluate your progress, and make a new plan for the next goals.


Single session


  • Pre-session assessment

  • 1 x 45 minute online meeting

  • Assessment of goals, obstacles, and fixes

  • Action plan

  • Add-ons (extra cost):  gut microbiome test, hormone test, food intolerance test
Book by contacting [email protected]

One month pass (4 times)


  • Pre-session assessment

  • 4 x 45 minute sessions (Weekly meeting with me)

  • Assessment of your goals, obstacles, and fixes

  • Action plans

  • Add-ons (extra cost): DNA test, gut microbiome test, hormone test
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from $990


  • Pre-session assessment

  • 1 x 60 minute session and choosing the genetic tests to order (home kits)

  • 60-minute call for analyzing the results and personal advice

  • PDF document with DNA results and personalized health plan
Book by contacting [email protected]