Looking and Feeling Energized, being able to focus, and finally feeling emotionally balanced starts with taking control of your mental wellness & health.

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Tailored, data-driven, & science-backed strategies are the best way to support mental performance, mindset, and brain health.

I've been there.

I'm Inka Land, an integrative psychologist, certified practitioner in functional testing, podcast host, author, and TEDx speaker.

My mission is to help people to feel good, have sustained mental energy, and focus better. 

I wasn't always feeling that myself. Before my 20's, I battled with chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and fear of burnout.

I went from doctor to doctor, only to discover how fragmented and surface-level traditional healthcare is. Most importantly, it didn't resonate or provide clear steps forward.

I¬†knew¬†there had to be a better way‚ÄĒnot just for me but for all of us.

So, I turned to the science of psychology & health optimization.


I did my MSc in neuropsychology and BSc in psychology and sports physiology. I got certified in functional testing to assess a wide range of biomarkers related to optimal health. I specialized to positive psychology and am completing my diploma in psychological therapies, including CBT and third-wave therapies. I lived in India for one month to learn yoga and meditation techniques. I learned to assess and understand mental and physical health through meaningful data.

Through this in-depth exploration, it became obvious to me that mental wellness requires a well-designed health assessments and a daily strategy tailored specifically for mental wellness and brain longevity.

This integrative approach transformed my¬†mental health and rewired my brain for focus, emotional balance, and energy‚ÄĒvisible both in my brain scans and daily life.

Now, as an integrative psychologist, I am deeply committed to helping people optimize their bodies and minds to thrive in their day-to-day ambitions without the burden of burnout, fatigue, or mood fluctuations. 

- Inka Land

Psychologist, MSc neuropsychology, BSc psychology, TEDx speaker, Author, podcast host, Certified Yoga and meditation teacher, DNAlife¬ģ Certified Practitioner in functional testing
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Imagine this

It's another filled
with mounting tasks and overwhelm. You brace yourself to open your email inbox, expecting the usual urgent" chain.¬†Instead,¬†you find an email recommending a calming supplement and a three-minute mindfulness technique.¬†¬†You try them, and they work‚ÄstA soothing wave washes over your nervous system as your vagus nerve activates and you find back your focus and motivation.

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