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Hi, I'm Inka Land ( MSc neuropsychology, podcaster, TEDx speaker, DNA coach, and author)

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The main channels I use are YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and articles. In these channels, you can learn science-based tools for healthy habits and self-care.

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Hi, I'm Inka. I (neuro)psychologist. I Create Content That Helps You To Feel Better, Improve Your Brain, and Live Longer. 



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Hi, I'm Inka


I make content that helps you to better your mind & brain.

Maybe you found me on YouTube or Instagram, or a friend mentioned my name. Whichever route you took, I'm glad you're here.

I help wellness-seekers, entrepreneurs, and stressed-out people change their lives by changing their brain and mind.

Hundreds of scientific studies show that it's possible to become happier, live longer, and unlock healthy productivity by optimizing brain health and mental well-being. I've seen this over and over again in my clients.

This site is full of incredible free resources for that.

Let's create your dream life by creating your dream mind. 

Love, Inka

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 Inka Land podcast shares insight and inspiration on brain power and self-care routines to feel authentically energetic, healthy, and happy☀️ Currently on vacation ☀️

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