Regain Control of Your Mental Wellness by Understanding and Optimizing Your Body and Mind.


– Inka Land
Psychologist, MSc Neuropsychology, Author, TEDx speaker, co-founder @ Biohacking Women

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A biopsychological approach helps you to proactively enhance your mental wellness through deep self-knowledge.


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I'm Inka Land

Psychologist, MSc neuropsychology, BSc psychology, dnalife® Certified practitioner, TEDx speaker, Podcast Host

I am a mental health professional helping people to integrate brain-healthy habits into daily routines and use psychological tools to boost emotional resilience, inner peace, confidence, and wellness.

Juggling career, relationships, and life can be challenging. It can lead to overwhelm, stress, exhaustion, and feeling self-conscious.

I believe your dream lifestyle and mental health shouldn't be a trade-off. If you're ready to make your mental health your most valuable asset, I can help you with that.

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