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Holistic psychological content and coaching.

I'm Inka, nice to meet you.

I'm psychologist (MSc neuropsychology), DNA & health coach, TEDx speaker, and author.

Maybe someone you trust mentioned my name to you or you found me on social media. In either case, I’m happy you’re here.

I create resources about psychology and wellbeing to help you to feel happy, calm, and serene. And to get rid of unwanted anxiety, distress, and brain fog naturally and longe-term.

My approach is holistic. Besides psychological tools, I emphasize nutritious diet, restorative sleep, and motivating exercise routines based on the person's individuality and lifestyle needs.

I believe everyone has what it takes to feel fantastic, but sometimes we need new a guide to finding it. My mission is to help people find their best selves.

Science shows resilience starts from your mind


If you can cope on a psychological level, you experience happier life and better health – no matter what life throws at you. 


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I'm a working mother and took Inka's coaching to improve low-level anxiety and sleep issues, and to prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s.
Before the call, Inka had looked at my health data and I had filled a form about my current health and problems.
In the coaching, she identified possible causes of my distress, anxiety, and brain fog. She offered personalized protocol that I started using. It included practical tips, supplements, diet, and stress reduction methods.
In just a few weeks, my sleep was already a lot better and I felt overall less stressed and anxious. I had better mood and lot more energy to do things I love. She also taught me how to use food, exercise, and sleep to prevent dementia risk and improve longevity.

I would take Inka's coaching again and definitely recommend it to other women with similar issues. She has strong expertise in the health business and she is an extremely warm-hearted person.

 - Emma, 31, Finland

*Published with permission. Picture and name changed.