Hi, I'm Inka

A Finnish podcaster, author, and educational speaker.

My podcast ‘Inka Land Podcast’ discusses various health topics, from physiology to mental health and longevity. I also produce daily content on Instagram.

As a child and teen, I suffered from a severe chronic migraine and cluster headaches which were treated with heavy medications. As an adult, I reached remission with a holistic lifestyle approach and biohacking. 

I studied psychology, sports sciences, medical sciences, and health sciences at the university and graduated as a psychologist specializing in neuropsychology.

In 2022, I started coaching and launched my health-focused Podcast and YouTube to bring you free science-based health and wellbeing education. 

Outside of 'work', I spend time with my husband, cook, go to the gym, and bathe in the sauna.


Health problems as a child


My inherited migraine and sensory sensitivity made me curious about neuropsychology at a young age.

I had many health issues growing up: chronic migraine, cluster headaches, IBS, acne pain-related panic disorder, and hypothalamic amenorrea.

After years of pain and way too many hours spent in hospitals, I started seeking natural ways to be healthy and heal my body.

This included diet, exercise, sleep, biological measuring and tracking, and health tech.

From chronic pain to health

Conventional medicine did not help me with my pain. So I started working on it on my own.

I  used trackers and home tests to measure my body and find root causes. I used science-based healthy habits like diet, supplements, exercise, and psychological interventions to improve my health.

And I started to heal. I healed my gut, skin, period, and mental health and went into migraine remission in 2020. I got "kicked out" from specialized healthcare because I was "too healthy.". Rejection never felt so good.

From learning to educating


I became a psychologist and got a master's in neuropsychology. I also studied to be a certified DNA coach.

I worked as an intern in neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation at a brain injury clinic in Finland. I worked with the best neuropsychologist in Finland helping to assess and analyze Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, mental health declines, and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Along my journey, I also became a yoga and meditation teacher and minored in sports and medical sciences.

I gave a TEDx talk in 2018 on mindfulness in migraine management, and since then, been sharing my knowledge and story in podcasts, health events, newspapers, websites, and my own channels.

My company

I established my own company in late 2022 to create educational content to help people to improve their mental well-being and brain health with science and healthy habits.

You can start reading and learning by



  • Content creator at YouTube

  • Co-founder and creator of the Biohacking Women movement, online course, and community (see for more; website and Facebook group)

  • Author of books: Resilient Being and Biohacker's Brain Nutrition Guide 
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  • MSc Neuropsychology (graduated with distinction), University of Maastricht, NL

  • Neuropsychologist intern; neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation, Neurology Department, South Karelia Social and Health Care District, Finland

  • BSc Psychology (graduated with distinction), University of Aberdeen, UK

  • BSc minor in sports science and medicine (graduated with distinction), University of Aberdeen, UK

  • Genetic health coach with skills to provide DNA assessment and health recommendations based on genetics, Nordic Clinic and Laboratories, DK

  • TEDx Speaker, 2018

  • Positive Psychology Specialization, University of Pennsylvania, US

  • Course: Demystifying mindfulness (8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction equivalent), University of Leiden, NL

  • Course: Positive Psychology, the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, US

  • Registered Yoga and meditation teacher, Vinayasa Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India, 2017


  • Core values: Family, integrity, peace, freedom, respect, love, strenght, compassion.
  • Hobby: audiobooks, piano playing, exercise
  • Non-negotiable morning routine: Sunlight exposure, a bit of yoga, kiss my husband
  • Ways to relax: sauna, massages, facials, exercise, cooking, books, & meditation
  • Favorite workout: yoga, weight lifting, resistance training, and dance
  • Favorite drinks: a cappuccino with coconut milk & herbal tea. Coke zero when I have a sweet tooth.
  • Favorite books: Big Leap, 4 agreements, The Obstacle is the Way
  • Guilty pleasures: Always making extra foam to the morning cappuccino. It's more like big pile of foam with a bit of coffee. Spotify's romantic mix.
  • Pet peeve: Weirdly shaped stairs that are too wide for taking one step only but too short for taking two
  • Favorite quote: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! - Audrey Hepburn
  • Favorite song: Coldplay-Yellow, Thousand Years (our wedding dance)


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