Inka Land

MSc neuropsychology, TEDx speaker, YouTuber, Author


Hi, I'm Inka – Your science-based source of brain health and mental wellness.

My mission is to bring you the most effective tools to find your Zen and happiness and elevate your brain power – naturally and sustainably.

I am a psychologist with an MSc in neuropsychology. I help people to improve brain health, mental wellness, and longevity.

I create free content on YouTube, Instagram, and podcasts on brain health, longevity, and mental wellness.

I'm also the co-author of Biohacker's Brain Nutrition Book and The Resilient Being (By Biohacker's Handbook). My first solo book is in the making.


My personal health story

Growing up, I was battling chronic migraines and cluster headaches (a series of excruciating headaches occurring daily for weeks or months). Due to the intense pain, I also developed anxiety and panic disorders and was battling with gut imbalances and hormonal issues.

Unfortunately, doctors could not help despite several periods of hospitalization and multiple medication trials.

When I was older, I started learning about brain health. I realized every health issue I had was connected to my brain health (and nervous system), and that there's a way to fix it with brain-health and lifestyle-basd strategies. I trusted that I could massively improve my life quality and healthspan.

And I did. My anxiety and panic disorders got fixed fast with a holistic brain health strategy that I developed for myself. I also got into migraine remission at age 24. There's only a 20 % chance of this happening to a chronic migraineur, even less for someone with multiple nervous system disorders. Since getting my academic degree in neuropsychology, I've also helped hundreds of people improve their health and happiness with evidence-based lifestyle strategies.

I believe many current mental and brain health problems can be fixed or at least improved by focusing on natural and holistic lifestyle habits – instead of only medications. Follow my channels to learn more about my approach and find free tools.

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  • CEO, Inka Land OU

  • Co-founder, Biohacking Women movement, online course, and community (see for more; website and Facebook group)

  • AuthorResilient Being and Biohacker's Brain Nutrition Guide 

  • MSc Neuropsychology (graduated with distinction), University of Maastricht, NL

  • Neuropsychologist intern; neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation, Neurology Department, South Karelia Social and Health Care District, Finland

  • BSc Psychology (graduated with distinction), University of Aberdeen, UK

  • BSc minor in sports science and medicine (graduated with distinction), University of Aberdeen, UK

  • dnalife® Accredited Coach, Nordic Clinic and Laboratories, DK

  • TEDx Speaker, 2018

  • Courses and specializations: Positive Psychology Specialization (University of Pennsylvania, US), Mindfulness (University of Leiden, NL), Positive Psychology, (University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, US)

  • Registered Yoga and meditation teacher, Vinayasa Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India, 2017


  • Core values: compassion, empathy, integrity, respect, innovation, freedom, love, family, growth
  • Hobbies: audiobooks, playing piano, exercise, education
  • Morning routine: cuddle with husband, red light therapy, sunlight & grounding, yoga or meditation, tea or coffee, work.
  • Ways to relax: sauna, relaxation techniques, naps, massages, facials, nature, exercise, reading
  • Favorite workouts: yoga, resistance training, HIIT, long walks, and dance
  • Favorite drinks: a cappuccino with coconut milk & white tea
  • Favorite books: Building a second brain, Altered Traits, Big Leap, 4 agreements, The Obstacle is the Way
  • Guilty pleasures: Spotify's romantic mix, Starbuck's hazelnut frappuccino (sugar-free, no cream), dark chocolate
  • Pet peeve: Bananas on the bottom of the grocery bag :D worst.
  • Favorite quote: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! - Audrey Hepburn
  • Favorite song: Thousand Years (our wedding song)