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Here's my favorite science-backed health products and supplements.

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Berberine (Do Not Age) 

Ca Akg (Do Not Age) 

Collagen Mix 5-Forms With Ha And Elastin 

Chocolate Bar 90 % W/ Mct (Noordcode)

Coffee; Toxin-Free, ethical (NYA)

Coffee Beans Decaf Low-Acid Toxin-Free

Coffee Beans Espresso Low-Acid, Toxin-Free

Digestive Enzymes For Dairy, Gluten, Protein, Carbs, Fats EU (Bioptimizers) 

Digestive Enzymes For Dairy, Gluten, Protein, Carbs, Fats US (Bioptimizers) 

Digestive Support Betaine Hydrochloride EU (Bioptimizers)

Digestive Support Betaine Hydrochloride US (Bioptimizers)

Lion's Mane mushroom tincture (Kääpä Health)

Magnesium 6-Forms (Noordcode)

Magnesium 7-Forms EU (Bioptimizers)

Magnesium 7-Forms US (Bioptimizers)

Medicinal mushrooms (Kääpä Health)

Mct C8 Oil (Noordcode) 

Mct Creamer (Noordcode)

NMN (Do Not Age)

NR (Do Not Age)

Sirt6 Activator (Do Not Age)   

Spermidine  (Do Not Age)

Probiotics P3-Om Eu Store (BiOptimizers) 

Probiotics P3-Om Us Store (BiOptimizers) 

Probiotics Ds-01™ (Seed) 

Protein Powder Vegan Vanilla (Noordcode)

Protein Powder Whey (Noordcode)

TMG (Do Not Age)



Eight sleep mattress cooling cover 

Apollo Neuro Vagus Nerve Stimulator 

Blue Light Blocking Reading Light 

Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Dermaroller 0.5 (Gin Amber) 

Veristable Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Inside Tracker Blood Test Analysis & Inner Age)

Kaatsu Blood Flow Restriction Training

Red Light Therapy Travel-Size (Bon Charge)

Red Light Panel Full Body (Bon Charge)

Red Light Device (Flexbeam) 

Red Light Night Light With (Bon Charge)

Infrared Sauna For 1 Person 

Infrared Sauna For 2 People 


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